Shared audits

We offer an innovative option to optimize resources and simplify the audit process for applicants and auditees.
Shared supplier audits common to various industry players allow the supplier to avoid multiple visits that reveal the same. It enables clients to outsource coordination and execution at a lower cost and obtain a complete and thorough report. Audit reports already performed in the previous year or years are available immediately, with no waiting times.
It is possible to request, within the shared audit, the survey of specific items for the client.

Shared Audits

Supplier audit request

Audit coordination

Execution and general report

Sale of report to other clients with prior authorization from the auditee

Immediate contracting of audit reports executed in previous years

We frame our services in compliance with national and international regulations.

We design and implement systems and management structures that can be easily maintained after our intervention is completed.

We work together with our clients to provide them with the best possible service.

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