When I give courses or lectures on validation of computerized / computerized systems. I am often asked why as a pharmaceutical chemist, I ended up involved in IT issues, the story is quite simple. As a professional oriented to consultancy activities I noticed many years ago it was necessary to obtain more information than what was available locally. Libraries mostly contained outdated information. Searching for information required a pilgrimage from one library to another, going through shelves, and often finding standards or articles with uncertain validity.

That is how my partner and I began our activities in February 1995 in response to those needs that were shared by other professionals and companies in the field. We started by offering information search services for third parties, an activity that we continue to perform successfully to date. We introduced the most prestigious lines in terms of databases and knowledge for health professionals in Uruguay.

Then we consolidated in this same company the consultancy activities that included equipment, critical support systems and the associated computer / computerized system.

They have been, and still are, years of hard work and effort, of working 16 hours per day, without weekends most of the time. But it has been worth it for, constant, learning, new challenges and new frontiers. Through the Internet we have worked with and for companies from all around the world, from Australia to Norway. We have carried out information searches for Australia and the US, among other countries. We have hired the services of programmers from Uruguay, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands in specific areas. We have leamed a lot and we continue to learn. We have supported projects for companies in Uruguay, Brazil. Argentina and Chile through consultancy services and GMP training. Today, we have a broad portfolio of represented companies, and we have developed product lines of our own, which we are exporting. In Uruguay, most of the pharmaceutical companies are our clients in some area. We are aware of the responsibility that the trust placed in us by colleagues and businessmen implies and we are grateful because thanks to that trust we can continue to grow and improve ourselves in 2019 in our 24 years of existence.

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